Certain Products with Restricted Payment Options

Created by Aiman R, Modified on Fri, 10 Nov 2023 at 03:32 PM by James Wong

Effective immediately, the following products will only be eligible for purchase through specific payment methods.

Payment option which not accepted for Cash Product:

(1) Apple Pay, specifically tied to Visa cards. Apple Pay Mastercard is acceptable. 

(2) China Union Pay

(3) American Express Charge Card

(4) Credit/Debit/Prepaid cards which is not 3DS secure.


Cash Product - OffGamers
1Advanced Cash (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
2Advanced Cash (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
3ALAX AIA Token (Global)
4American Express Gift Card (US)
5AstroPay Voucher (EU)
6AstroPay Voucher (US)
7Azteco Bitcoin Voucher (Global)
8Binance Gift Card (Bitcoin)
9Binance Gift Card (Ethereum)
10Binance Gift Card (USDT)
11BitCash Gift Card (JP)
12Bitnovo Coupon (EU)
13Booknlife Prepaid Card (KR)
14CASHLib Voucher
15CashtoCode eVoucher (Argentina)
16CashtoCode eVoucher (Australia)
17CashtoCode eVoucher (Canada)
18CashtoCode eVoucher (China)
19CashtoCode eVoucher (Ghana)
20CashtoCode eVoucher (Global)
21CashtoCode eVoucher (India)
22CashtoCode eVoucher (Japan)
23CashtoCode eVoucher (Kenya)
24CashtoCode eVoucher (New Zealand)
25CashtoCode eVoucher (Nigeria)
26CashtoCode eVoucher (South Africa)
27CashU Prepaid Card (SEA)
28Cherry Credits (Global)
29Crypto Voucher (Bitcoin)
30Crypto Voucher (Ethereum)
31Crypto Voucher (EUR)
32Crypto Voucher (GBP)
33Crypto Voucher (USD)
34Culture Gift Certificate (Korea)
35Cultureland Gift Certificate (Korea)
36CVS Pharmacy Gift Card (US)
37ecoVoucher (CA)
38ecoVoucher (DE)
39ecoVoucher (IN)
40ecoVoucher (JP)
41ecoVoucher (RU)
42ecoVoucher (UK)
43Eggmoney Gift Card (Korea)
44Expresspay (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
45Expresspay (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
46EZPIN Gift Card (Global)
47Flexepin (AU)
48Flexepin (CA)
49Flexepin (EU)
50Flexepin (NZ)
51Flexepin (UK)
55Gate Code (Global)
56GoCash Game Card (Argentina)
57GoCash Game Card (Brazil)
58GoCash Game Card (Canada)
59GoCash Game Card (Colombia)
60GoCash Game Card (Europe)
61GoCash Game Card (Global)
62GoCash Game Card (Mexico)
63GoCash Game Card (Peru)
64Happy Money Gift Card (KR)
65JetonCash Voucher (EUR)
66Join Card (MY/TH/HK/TW)
67Mastercard Gift Card (US)
68MiFinity eVoucher (AU)
69MiFinity eVoucher (CA)
70MiFinity eVoucher (CH)
71MiFinity eVoucher (CN)
72MiFinity eVoucher (CZ)
73MiFinity eVoucher (DK)
74MiFinity eVoucher (EU)
75MiFinity eVoucher (IN)
76MiFinity eVoucher (JP)
77MiFinity eVoucher (NO)
78MiFinity eVoucher (PL)
79MiFinity eVoucher (RU)
80MiFinity eVoucher (SE)
81MiFinity eVoucher (UK)
82MiFinity eVoucher (US)
83MiFinity eVoucher (ZA)
84MINT Prepaid Card (AU)
85MINT Prepaid Card (EU)
86MINT Prepaid Card (Global)
87Multi Game Card (Global)
88MV Crypto Card (Global)
89MyCard 277遊戲平台綁定禮包
90MyCard KOMOE
91MyCard Membership Exclusive Card (MY)
92MyCard Points (HK)
93MyCard Points (MY/SEA)
94MyCard Points (SG)
95MyCard Points (TW)
96Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (AT)
97Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (AU)
98Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (BE)
99Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (CA)
100Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (CH)
101Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (DE)
102Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (DK)
103Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (ES)
104Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (EU)
105Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (FR)
106Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (IT)
107Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (NL)
108Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (NO)
109Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (PL)
110Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (SE)
111Neosurf Voucher / Prepaid Card (UK)
112Net Cash (JP)
113Neteller (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
114Neteller (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
115Obucks Card (Global)
116Ovo Cash Gift Card (ID)
117Payeer (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
118Payeer (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
119PayPal (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
120PayPal (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
121PayPal Gift Codes (US)
122Paysafecard (AT)
123Paysafecard (BE)
124Paysafecard (DE)
125Paysafecard (FR)
126Paysafecard (NL)
127Paysafecard (SA)
128Paysera (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
129Paysera (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
130Payz (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
131Payz (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
132Perfect Money (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
133Perfect Money (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
134Perfect Money Voucher (Global)
135QIWI (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
136QIWI (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
137Razer Gold (Australia)
138Razer Gold (Brazil)
139Razer Gold (Canada)
140Razer Gold (Colombia)
141Razer Gold (Czech)
142Razer Gold (Denmark)
143Razer Gold (Europe)
144Razer Gold (Global)
145Razer Gold (Hong Kong)
146Razer Gold (India)
147Razer Gold (Indonesia)
148Razer Gold (Malaysia)
149Razer Gold (Mexico)
150Razer Gold (Myanmar)
151Razer Gold (New Zealand)
152Razer Gold (Philippines)
153Razer Gold (Poland)
154Razer Gold (Rixty)
155Razer Gold (Romania)
156Razer Gold (Singapore)
157Razer Gold (Sweden)
158Razer Gold (Thailand)
159Razer Gold (Turkey)
160Razer Gold (Vietnam)
161Razer Gold Direct Top-Up (Global)
162Razer Gold Direct Top-Up PIN (BR)
163Razer Gold Direct Top-Up PIN (MY)
164RedCoin Voucher (Global)
165Rewarble Gift Cards (AUD)
166Rewarble Gift Cards (BRL)
167Rewarble Gift Cards (CAD)
168Rewarble Gift Cards (EUR)
169Rewarble Gift Cards (USD)
170Safetypay (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
171Safetypay (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
172Sepa (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
173Sepa (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
174Servidolar (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
175Servidolar (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
176Skrill (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
177Skrill (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
178Teencash Gift Card (Korea)
179Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload PIN (MY)
180Truemoney Prepaid Card (TH)
181Ultimate Gift Cards (AU)
182UniPin Voucher (BD)
183UniPin Voucher (BR)
184UniPin Voucher (ID)
185UniPin Voucher (IN)
186UniPin Voucher (KH)
187UniPin Voucher (MM)
188UniPin Voucher (MY)
189UniPin Voucher (PH)
190UniPin Voucher (TH)
191V-Preca Visa Gift Card (JP)
192Vanilla eGift Visa
193Visa Gift Card (US)
194Voucherry Gift Card (Global)
195VTC Vcoin VND
196WebMoney (Rewarble) EUR Topup Card
197WebMoney (Rewarble) USD Topup Card
198WebMoney Gift Card (JP)
199WhiteBIT Gift Card (USDT)
200WhiteBIT Gift Card (WBT)

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